Our Brief History

Founding: The Delta Colony of Phi Gamma Delta at Boise State University established as a band of 17 unified pledge brothers on the 22nd of October, 2015, and initiated as a colony on the 5th December, 2015. In our commitment as Phi Gamma Delta brothers, we have pursued to grow as gentlemen seeking scholarship, service, and excellence of character to holistically improve the quality of life on campus and the community.

Chartering: The Delta Colony chartered as the Beta Psi chapter of Phi Gamma Delta in the Spring of 2017. That same weekend the recently-chartered chapter hosted their first ever Norris Pig Dinner with a total of 87 individuals in attendance. Chartering marked a major step in FIJI's history at Boise State however our work is not done and brothers aspire to reach new heights in academic success and benefiting the Boise State community.

Growth: While continuing to spread our beliefs throughout campus,  FIJI initiated a Beta class, a class of 7 men aspiring to continue our lead and become FIJI gentlemen. In addition to these 7 men, we initiated a new Gamma class with 16 members of which will continue our legacy for years to come. Spring 2017 brought us an additional 6 gentlemen to join our midst. These steps have left a mark at Boise State University and will continue to set standards that all gentlemen aspire to have.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Top fraternity in fundraising for Dance Marathon 2016
  • Top fraternity in fundraising for Relay for Life 2016
  • First ever Black Diamond Golf tournament thrown in partnership with Habitat for Humanity
  • 2nd fraternity in fundraising for Dance Marathon 2017